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About Marriage Fit

The Marriage Fit is the Bangalore-based Psychological clinic and counselling centre for Relationship guidance. We focus exclusively on relationship problems in marriage, family and individual and counselling for Mental Health, reaching hundreds of couples and individuals daily.
We help them in resolving husband wife communication problems, conflict resolution between partners and other related issues with a sophisticated science-based approach well suited for marriages in our Indian setting. We aim to bring specialised therapeutic intervention in resolving interpersonal conflicts which further helps in gaining an insight into relationship dynamics and principles of effective marriage counselling. Our research methods are Empirically driven specifically customised to cater to the issue of each couple as well as Individual and our therapeutic course of action differs greatly in similar services with a degree of problems synchronous to each of our clients as social, cultural, ethnic, upbringing are different for every individual hence problems and their respective solutions must be.
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Working for 10+ years
Our therapy works on four easy steps Pre-assessment, session course, intervention and transformation.
Pre-Assessment: Here you are subjected to undergo some serious question round to understand the gravity of the situation, crises and the amount of damage that has been done. This remains a very crucial stage as therapists require their clients to co-operate and expect that they aren’t hiding their feelings and discuss truly how they feel.
Post-Assessment: Once the Pre-Assessment session is over and the issues are identified, the therapist shares an overview of the solution/intervention/counselling course with you, where you will get the complete Roadmap of the journey to overcome your relationship challenges and attain your desired goal. You will be given brief information about the action plan, intervention, counselling sessions plans, fees details; to make the relationship better with us.
Session Course: In a session course, individuals are required to practice home assignments & rituals alongside counseling. Session Course includes counterintuitive ways to resolve problems and brings mental peace to individuals.
Transformation: This would be a stage from where you see changes in your life & relationship, notice thorough improvement, we help you how to handle future emotional outbreaks and prepare you to live a happy and blissful life. Psychotherapeutic intervention in a relationship ensures a continuity of good services, sound understanding of relational problems and improved compliance, which leads to holistic development of the client. With psychotherapeutic techniques the counselor is able to map down your problems to their core and is able to effectively plan your journey. A therapy process involves many ups and downs. At certain points, you may feel that your symptoms and problems have vanished and at other instances you may feel as if they are elevated. This is because the therapy process might involve discussing unpleasant aspects of your life which could induce uncomfortable feelings like loneliness, sadness, anxiety, anger, helplessness, frustration, guilt. But this is the part of therapeutic intervention and it is essential to process these parts of life in counselling sessions. We not only solve your life problems but give you tools on how to deal with it which enables you to make your own decisions.

Our Psychologists

Our certified psychologists are highly qualified, experienced with 7000+ counselling sessions and trained comprehensively to guide our clients through issues related to communication problems, infidelity, trust, mutual understanding and getting into the mutually respected relationship. Each of our marriage psychotherapists and service-specific psychologists goes through a rigorous selection process and training. Only 1 % who apply get selected in the screening process. Subsequently, each therapist goes through a full 6-12 months of in-house training on different tools and intervention skills & methodology to become a Couple Therapist. Each and every couple therapist is monitored and supervised by the Mentors team in The Marriage Fit.

Mr Vamsi Krishna

Family and Couple Therapist
Chinamay Pushkar

Chinmay Palsodkar

Couple Therapist
Psychologist in Bangalore - tanya Tripathi

Tanya Tripathi

Clinical psychologist
Plabita Borah

Ms. Plabita Borah

Cousnelling Psychologist
moupali clinical psychologist

Maupali Ghosh

clinical psychologist
Divya Vashisht

Divya Vashisht

Consultant Psychologist
Suresh Lukose

Suresh Lukose

Couple Therapist and Mental Health Practitioner
rigi - marriagefit


Counselling Psychologist & Online Therapist

Asha Bidare

Clinical Psychologist, M.Sc, RCI Registered

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