6 Reasons Why Emotional Regulation Therapy can be Life-Changing

Regulating your emotions can often be more difficult than it sounds. At times, certain situations can bring out the best and worst emotions in human beings. However, at times, emotions can go out of control for no particular reason, and some people experience it more often than others. While some people are adept at controlling … Continue reading 6 Reasons Why Emotional Regulation Therapy can be Life-Changing

Stuck in Endless Arguments with your Partner?

Here’s how expert therapy can help

Constant, draining and endless arguments with your partner are not desirable in any relationship, but often it becomes unavoidable for several couples. There are a number of reasons why such issues keep cropping up in a relationship, such as bitterness, denial, power play, narcissism, and much more. While getting into arguments tends to be easy, resolving and moving past them can be extremely difficult. arguments with your partner

How can constant arguments with your partner affect your relationship in the long run?

While it is obvious that endless arguments with your partner are completely unfavorable in a relationship, many people fail to understand the consequences that they can cause in the future. It is perfectly normal and even healthy to disagree on things with your partner, but once certain limits are crossed, it becomes harder to put the past behind and move on. The following are some of the major long term effects of constant arguments in a relationship:
  1. Growing emotional distance between you and your partner
  2. Losing all interest in spending time with each other anymore
  3. Emotional distress not only for you and your partner, but for your family and loved ones
  4. Draining of trust and intimacy out of the relationship
  5. Mental stress, reclusiveness and anxiety when it comes to the relationship
  6. Losing focus on day to day activities, as well as on studies and work
  7. Eventual falling out of the relationship, which can lead to the end of the couple’s time together
As it has been made clear, constant arguments can wreck not only your relationship, but the mental health of you, your partner, and everyone who cares about you. Therefore, it is crucial to get out the endless loop of conflicts you and your partner are stuck in. Only then can you hope to move on with your life with happiness and peace. arguments with your partner

Is conflict resolution therapy the perfect solution to endless arguments with your partner?

Recently, more and more couples have started opting to try out conflict resolution therapy. Based on its popularity, it appears that it is the perfect or at least the best way to solve constant arguments with your partner and conflicts in a relationship. The following are the ways in which expert conflict resolution therapy can prove helpful for you and your partner:
  • A chance to talk about your issues in a mature and sensible manner:
The arguments that keep going on and on without reaching any compromise can be pretty damaging for your relationship. This is why you need to find a way to sort out your issues with your partner without unnecessary lash outs and conflicts. While this might sound difficult, you and your partner will definitely be able to do it in the presence of an experienced professional. You and your partner will be able to manage your negative emotions, and instead spend time together talking calmly about your problems. In this manner, it will be possible to improve your mutual understanding and empathy.
  • A third person’s perspective on what is broken in your relationship:
If you and your partner can resolve your relationship issues on your own, then there is no need to share them with a third person. However, if you are feeling confused, hopeless and dejected thinking of all the conflicts you are going through with your partner, and if they seem never ending as well, then it is time to seek help from an outsider. While sharing your troubles with your loved ones might make you feel better, involuntary bias and prejudices can prevent you from getting the right solutions. In such situations, taking an expert therapist’s opinion is the ideal thing to do.
  • Mental relief from the tiring and taxing conflicts that are negatively affecting your life:
All the negativity that you come face to face with due to relationship conflicts can take a heavy toll on your emotional health. You might end up feeling constantly exhausted and stressed, even when you are not around your partner. However, conflict resolution therapy will provide you with a non judgemental and free space to breathe, relax, and focus on the positives rather than the negatives. It will improve your emotional well being, and make you feel hopeful about your future.
  • A space to resolve past issues and move ahead of them once and for all:
There might be issues that happened a long time ago in your relationship, but you may not have been able to completely move on from them yet. There might also be hidden issues that have not ever been addressed. Such issues can prevent you from being with your partner with a clear, carefree and happy mindset. Expert conflict resolution therapy will give you a chance to face such matters and deal with them once and for all. No matter how severe the issues are, the therapy sessions will be as comforting and safe as possible to help resolve them.
  • Expert guidance that can prepare you to avoid similar issues in the future:
It is not enough to resolve your current issues; it is just as important to make sure that similar problems won’t trouble you again in the future. Which is why during conflict resolution therapy, you and your partner will get an opportunity to learn what it takes to make your relationship conflict proof. This is a good idea to ensure lasting happiness and intimacy in the relationship. Once you and your partner learn to resolve conflicts without arguing endlessly, then your relationship will start blossoming.

Is conflict resolution therapy exactly what you have been looking for?

Do the above mentioned relationship issues sound similar to what you are going through with your partner? Does expert conflict resolution therapy sound like the solution you have been hoping for? Then wait no more! The Marriage Fit has a productive and truly useful conflict resolution counseling package that can help you and your partner get out of the conflict pit you are in, and bring peace and affection into your lives again. When there are relationship troubles, make sure to seek help from The Marriage Fit!

05 Ways in Which Conflict Resolution Therapy Can Save a Relationship

Has your relationship turned into a series of never-ending arguments with your partner? Does the idea of a peaceful life with your partner seem laughable and possible these days? If yes, then it is highly likely that your relationship is in urgent need of expert conflict resolution therapy.

What causes conflicts in a relationship?

While no relationship is perfect, constant and heated arguments with your partner are definitely not a good sign. There are many reasons why partners get into conflicts in a relationship, the most common ones being as follows:

Nurturing anger and bitterness towards your partner
Refusal to take the blame for the mistakes you have made in the relationship
Hidden agendas that cannot be directly addressed in your relationship
A toxic desire to stay in control and establish power over your partner
Taking unnecessary blame for issues in the relationship and fostering a negative outlook
A need to take revenge on your partner for both small and significant reasons
A feeling of wanting justice for all the distressing things you have experienced in your relationship
A strong sense of narcissism
Competitive nature takes over all aspects of your relationship

Any of the above reasons is enough to ruin your relationship entirely. Therefore, if one of them is resonating with your relationship, it is high time that they are addressed with expert guidance.

How can conflict resolution therapy save a relationship?

Draining arguments can demotivate couples from even wanting to seek help in resolving them. But anyone who believes that their relationship is worth saving should definitely try out conflict resolution therapy. Expert conflict counseling has a number of proven benefits, and the following are the top five ways in which it can save a relationship from doom:

01. It will help resolve all the unsolved arguments between you and your partner:

Putting an end to never ending arguments with your partner might seem impossible at times, but with expert conflict resolution therapy, it can easily become your new reality. During the therapy sessions, the counselor will provide expert solutions on how to resolve all the arguments that you have been having with your partner in a smooth and effective manner. With years of experience, the therapist will know exactly what to do to pull you and your partner out of the unfavorable situation. No matter how silly or serious the cause for your arguments is, they will surely meet their end during the conflict resolution sessions.

02. It will give you an expert’s viewpoint on how to fix what’s broken in your relationship:

A third person’s perspective and opinion is almost always a good idea when you are having seemingly unsolvable issues with your partner. But when it is under the guidance of an expert therapist, it becomes easier to solve your problems and move on from them as quickly as possible. Remember that while your arguments might seem new and unsolvable to you and your partner, the therapist will be fully experienced in dealing with cases identical or closely similar to yours. Instead of receiving biased opinions that may damage your relationship further, you and your partner will be safe from further conflicts and trouble under the expert guidance of the counselor.

03. It will equip you and your partner with all the skills required for efficient conflict resolution in the future:

While everyone yearns for a happy, conflict free and peaceful relationship, it is often difficult to turn it into reality. But what if you can learn how to create such a relationship with your partner? That is exactly what conflict resolution therapy can help you out with. Not only can you and your partner leave your existing arguments behind, but you can also learn how to avoid similar issues in the future. Through the therapy, you and your partner will learn to communicate with and understand each other better than before. You will also figure out how to talk things through with your partner without things escalating into verbal abuse. It will also teach you and your partner to prevent misunderstandings in your relationship.

04. It will help identify the hidden issues in the relationship and solve them quickly:

At times, you and your partner may not even know exactly why you argue constantly. In such situations, it is likely that there are hidden issues in the relationship that you and your partner may not even be aware of. But with expert conflict resolution counseling, such issues will be brought out into the open, so that they can be looked at in-depth and the right solutions can be easily devised. You will be surprised to notice how quickly your relationship will take a positive turn once such hidden issues are addressed and resolved.

05. It will set you and your partner on the path to a fulfilling and peaceful relationship:

While exhaustive arguments may have caused deep cracks in your relationship, expert conflict resolution therapy can help you and your partner leave the past behind with ease. It will motivate you and your partner to put more effort into bringing positivity, love, intimacy and understanding into your relationship. It will teach you to look forward to the wonderful and conflict free life waiting in the future, rather than waste unnecessary time pondering over past wrongdoings and arguments. The therapy sessions will definitely make you feel closer to your partner, and encourage you to spend the rest of your lives supporting and cherishing each other to the fullest.

Does conflict resolution therapy sound like a good idea for your relationship?

If you want an immediate and positive change to the current argument filled phase of your relationship, then The Marriage Fit’s conflict resolution therapy is something you need to try out. With The Marriage Fit’s expert assistance, you and your partner will be able to put an end to your endless arguments once and for all, and look forward to a loving, peaceful and affectionate life together. The Marriage Fit can ensure a lifetime of bliss with your partner!

06 Warning Signs that your Relationship Needs Expert Conflict Resolution Therapy

Conflict Resolution Therapy

It is common knowledge that relationships take a lot of effort, time, and patience. There might be days when you fall into exhausting arguments with your partner. At times, certain conflicts get solved on their own in a relationship. However, how can you find out whether your relationship is in trouble? To make things easier, here are six warning signs that your relationship needs expert conflict resolution therapy:

01 You and your partner argue constantly whenever you are together:

While minor conflicts and disagreements are quite common in relationships, it is definitely alarming when they happen constantly. When needless arguments take over a relationship, your life can become less peaceful and more nerve-wracking. Such issues can not only affect your relationship with your partner, but also your mental and physical health. For a relationship to last long and be healthy, it is important to argue less and communicate with each other better. If this is not working out, then your relationship might be in trouble. An experienced therapist can help you understand each other’s points of view, and devise a plan to avoid conflicts in the future. 

02 You can’t remember the last time you spent relaxed moments with your partner:  

The majority of the time you spend with your partner should make you feel at peace, and not like you are preparing for war. It is not healthy to be thinking about starting an argument each time you are with your partner. If you feel the same, then it is highly likely that your relationship is in urgent need of fixing. If you and your partner get into endless arguments each time you face a conflict or issue, it can lead to even greater problems in the long run. Therefore, if you get a strong feeling that you do not enjoy the time you spend with your partner, then your relationship probably needs expert conflict resolution therapy. 

03 You and your partner have a lot of past unsolved issues:

There might be unsolved matters in your relationship that were intentionally or unintentionally left undiscussed. Such issues can later cause serious damage to your relationship by causing distressing arguments. For many, it can seem easier to hide the issue from their partners rather than talk about it and cause further trouble. However, it is crucial to address and let go of past issues if you want your relationship to move in a healthy direction. Many people are of the opinion that speaking about issues in the presence of a third person, preferably an expert will provide closure to past issues and conflicts. Therefore, if you and your partner appear to be suffering from the after-effects of past issues, then expert conflict resolution therapy will prove to be highly useful. You will be able to gain complete closure from such issues. 

04 You feel emotionally and physically distant from your partner:

Endless arguments can wreck a relationship and make you feel like it is worthless to stay in. However, there might be many things in your relationship that makes it worthwhile; your current situation could be making it difficult for you to realise it. In order to get your relationship back on track, it is important to bridge the distance between you and your partner, both physically and mentally. This involves resolving conflicts once and for all, and instead spending happy and affectionate moments together. If you feel that there is an unhealthy distance between you and your partner emotionally, then it is time to opt for expert conflict resolution therapy. 

05 Your relationship is getting too stressful for you to handle:

No relationship is a bed of roses. There will always be several days of stress and confusion. But when the stress gets too difficult to handle, it is a clear sign that there is something dangerously wrong in the relationship. Your relationship should make you feel happy on most days. If it doesn’t, there could be toxicity between you and your partner that needs to be removed. Draining arguments can cause escalating stress in a relationship, and eventually cause partners to leave each other, In order to avoid such issues, it is important to alleviate stress in the relationship by trying out expert conflict resolution therapy. 

06 You have considered leaving your partner multiple times:

A relationship becomes worthless when it involves more arguments and less joy inducing moments. You might feel distant from your partner due to a number of reasons, including miscommunication, lack of affection, and so on. If such issues are causing conflicts between you and your partner, and nudging your relationship towards a breakup, then it is time to evaluate your relationship. If the thought of leaving your partner crosses your mind several times a day or week, it is definitely not healthy to allow the relationship to move in that direction. Instead, you can figure out what you feel about your partner and your relationship through expert conflict resolution therapy. You can figure out what to do about the unfavorable situations in your relationship with professional help. 

Why is expert conflict resolution therapy worthwhile?

Now that you know the warning signs in a relationship, it is time to figure out whether you and your partner need conflict resolution therapy. The conflict resolution counseling package at The Marriage Fit can help you and your partner deal with the above-mentioned issues together and promote a conflict-free relationship. It will give you and your partner an expert’s point of view of your relationship. You will also be able to receive clear suggestions on how to manage conflicts when they occur in the future. With expert guidance, solving common issues and conflicts gets much easier than ever before. Rather than getting into repetitive and tiring arguments with your partner, you can calmly discuss and solve your issues once and for all. Therefore, taking all things into consideration, expert conflict resolution therapy can help you save your relationship from never ending conflicts. 

08 Ways in Which Expert Counseling can Address Common Pre-Marital Concerns

There are a number of things that couples need to figure out about their relationship before they tie the knot. Even if the partners have known each other for a long time, or for not long at all, there can be important issues that have not been handled the right way, which can eventually cause strain in the marriage. It is therefore important for couples to opt for premarital counseling to ensure that their lives together will be happy and long-lasting.

What are the common issues addressed during premarital counseling ?

Premarital counseling is becoming popular amongst soon-to-be-married couples because it helps them resolve all issues that can put their marriages at risk in the future. It gives a professional insight into the relationship, which is certainly valuable and can even save a marriage. The following are the common issues addressed during premarital counseling:

Understanding the relationship dynamics and role expectations of the partners:

A lot of people step into their married lives with certain expectations that are often unrealistic, influenced by movies and fiction. This is why partners need to understand what each other needs from the relationship before they get married so that they won’t face unnecessary trouble later on. During premarital counseling, the expert therapist will help you and your partner figure out your relationship dynamics and expectations so that you will be fully prepared to live together with mutual respect and understanding.

Devising future conflict resolution tactics and solutions:

Arguments form an unavoidable part of any healthy marriage. However, it is crucial to not let arguments go out of control and negatively affect the relationship. Therefore, during premarital counseling, you and your partner will be taught how to resolve conflicts without letting them go out of control. Conflict resolution is definitely an important skill you need to learn before getting married, as it can help you save a lot of unnecessary pain and tears in the future. It will definitely bring peace into your married life.

Making a clear plan for managing finances and savings as a couple:

A lot of marriages fall through simply because the partners have different views on managing the finances. Lack of compromise on such matters can eventually lead to severe conflicts. During premarital counseling, the therapist will help you and your partner reach the same wavelength on money matters so that it will not ever cause a strain in your marriage.

Addressing fears and anxieties regarding the upcoming marriage:

Your marriage is one of the most important events of your lives, so it is normal to feel excited and overwhelmed. But if your fear and anxiety is causing your thoughts to move in a negative direction, then they should be addressed immediately. Otherwise, you will be entering a new phase of your life with an unclear and fear-ridden mind that can cause you to make wrong decisions. During the counseling sessions, the therapist will help remove the stress from your mind, and help you feel more positive about your upcoming marriage.


Fostering proper intimacy and closeness for a healthy marriage:

A lot of people are wary about the intimacy aspect of a marriage, and it makes them feel stressed and under confident. However, it is quite possible to nurture intimacy and closeness in a relationship through professional guidance. During the premarital counseling sessions, the therapist will help you and your partner feel closer to each other, and thereby develop intimacy which can help you out in the future. You can thereby ensure that your marriage will be healthy and affectionate.

Pre-marital counseling

Developing strong communication bridges between the partners:

Proper communication is the key to a healthy marriage, but not many people really know how to do it right. Improper communication can lead to misunderstandings and conflicts that can take the happiness and joy right out of a marriage. During premarital counseling, the experienced therapist will help you learn all the best ways to establish proper communication bridges with your partner. You and your partner will be able to express each other’s feelings the right way, and preserve love and calmness in the marriage.

Addressing views on life goals and objectives, including family planning:

While life goals are quite important matters to be discussed before marriage, most people do not do so. This is a really bad idea, as it can cause unfair compromises, and even wreck a marriage completely. For instance, one partner might want several kids, while the other is unsure about whether or not to have children at all. Not addressing such issues beforehand can be life altering and damaging. Through premarital counseling, you and your partner can understand each other’s life goals, passions and dreams, so that they will not become problematic in the future.

Resolving past trauma and related problems that can affect the marriage in the future:

Past trauma is one of the major issues that can slowly but surely cause severe damage to your marriage in the future. Trauma can be caused due to a number of reasons, but the best way to solve it is through expert counseling. While getting married, you and your partner should make sure that there is no unsolved trauma that can prevent you from enjoying a healthy marriage. However, not many people are comfortable talking about it openly, which is not ideal. With premarital counseling, such issues can be discovered and resolved before it is too late.

Does premarital counseling seem like a good idea?

If you are planning to get married anytime soon, then it is recommended for you to try out premarital counseling to put all your problems to rest. You can choose to sit for the sessions either alone or with your future partner as you feel right. If effective counseling is what you are seeking, then The Marriage Fit’s premarital counseling package is the right one for you. Look forward to a wonderful married life with the help of The Marriage Fit!

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