Pratyusha, Bangalore

My initial few session was really great and I was immensely happy with it. Later I had to held my sessions on hold for a reason that I developed an emotional attachment towards my therapist, which she didn’t encourage rather she helped me with how i can avoid the dependency. My therapist is doing a wonderful job and she is been really good in helping me to resolve my issues

gunjan verma
Gunjan Verma, Bangalore

Initially I was quite sceptic about this concept of marriage counseling but when things went out of our hands we have decided to get a professional support thence we approached The marriage fit, as the response was quick we could get into the therapy without much delay. From day 1 our therapist have been astonishing us by discovering different areas of our issue, which we used to least bothered about. With the help of this therapy sessions I have been able to develop a great attitude not only towards my partner but also towards my family members, relatives and to all my nearest and dearest ones. My therapist is awesome, every time I meet her, I would feel an energy that generates and feel like its a new life. All I have is compliments to you all and I am really satisfied. Thank you

Sowmya Murthy
Sowmya Murthy, Bangalore

I feel very light after talking to my therapist. I am happy that someone is there to hear my issues. I believe he is capable of handling my case. The only suggestion is it would be really great if the therapist could interact a little more and ask few more questions ,hope that will happen in the subsequent sessions.

Tanvi singh profile
Tanvi singh, Bangalore

Iam really satisfied with my first session. My therapist had given me certain task and question which was accurate to my issues. She could identify and figure out my real problems and had highlighted certain points which need to be work on to improve my relationship, which will be covered in my subsequent sessions.

Srini Sthitha profile
Srini Sthitha, Bangalore

My therapist could understood my concerns very clearly and she spoke to me as a friend. Very comfortable. I am keenly looking forward for the future sessions.

Ram Kishore profile
Ram Kishore, Bangalore

I could really open up and explained my problem in detailed to him, Iam happy that my therapist could understand me and my problems in the way i expected, hence Iam confident that he can resolve my issues. He is a good listener. At the end of my session he clearly explained the summary of my issues and shared a detailed insight about it.

K V Gautham
Gautham, Bangalore

My wife and I came to here, at a point when we thought there was nothing to look forward to and now we are at a point where we have rediscovered ourselves are we have so much to look forward to in our lives and we both are extremely excited about it. The Marriage Fit are true professionals when it comes to maintaining privacy, and their entire program is very well thought and well timed too. I personally felt I waited too long before taking the decision to take counselling, and I would suggest others to start counselling before it is too late. It is not just to save your marriage, it is to make your present married life more meaningful and happy.

Tanu profile
Tanu, Bangalore

Being independent gives you lot of power to demand and I was no different. A point came in my life where I was not able to find solutions for problems in my marital life. I realized that irrespective of being highly communicable, my message is not getting delivered to my loving husband. He is the best husband I could wish for but still there were key/basic things missing in our relationship which were suffocating me daily and my reactions were making him suffer too. At last I had to speak those bitter words to my husband : I want separation!!! That is where my husband found ‘Marriage Fit’ and we both had our first session where I released all of my grief. Our therapist within no time understood our point of view and was able to see the gaps in our relationship. After first session both of us felt very good and without any second thought , we did advance booking for our future sessions too. It’s been now almost 7 months since we started our session and I can tell you that I haven’t felt any better in my entire life. My scales were balancing and finally I could feel the warmth of marital relationship which I had always longed for. I am really thankful to our therapist who became like part of our family and guided us beautifully throughout this journey.

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